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November 30, 2014

Old-school Swedish Cool Takes on the New Classic Cool

By Rosa Matias

Out with the old and in with the new is today’s philosophy. It’s become the norm to chuck something rather than fix it. To have something grow with us is an exceptional and rare find. P.A.P (People and Products) a creation of Ulf Pyk, former cabinetmaker and architect, gives us these exceptional and exquisite finds, a remedy for the austere consumerism we find ourselves living. By taking artisan craftsmanship and Swedish aesthetic, Pyk blends them into the purest and most functional accessories.  

In Pyk’s family-owned factories in South Sweden’s Smaland, you can find skilled artisans handcrafting buttery smooth leather and brass hardware imprinted with the letters P.A.P. into timeless leather accessories. As an answer to today’s fast-paced living and the lightning fast technology boom, the smooth lines and minimalist taste you come to love from Sweden are paired effortlessly with the mastery of artisanal leather-making in these accessories.

Pyk has a desire for his high-quality Swedish and Italian leathers to mold to the body in the most complementary way, whether it’s a buttery soft weekend bag or your Macbook’s new laptop case, P.A.P. accessories grow with you and only get better with time. 

The result of Pyk’s sharp Swedish style principles and his organic view on technology’s relationship to man is a collection of high-quality polished yet ready to be worn-in leather accessories; rustic yet sharp and passionately crafted, to make toting our daily essentials feel as good as that perfectly beautifully crafted handbag you wish you inherited. Hand-made never looked so sleek. 

November 15, 2014

Kayu - An Unxpected Beauty

By Rosa Matias
With Southeast Asia’s booming luxury sector, it’s easy to forget the beauty of the area’s native cultures and traditions. Away from its industrialized areas, lives the slow and meticulous beauty of artisanal craftsmanship, a practice being slowly forgotten.

Kayu, a California-based accessories brand is preserving this craft and developing chic and bright wearable handbags. Carried by celebrities like Solange Knowles, Livia Firth, Amber Valetta, and Tiffani Thiessen, and noticed by renowned publications such as Vogue, InStyle, Elle, Lucky and fashion bloggers galore, Kayu’s brightly colored woven accessories are sure to stand out. Completely hand-made with age-old weaving techniques by women in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Phillipines, the accessories provide style and substance.
Kayu uses all-natural materials like shell, straw and wood to construct clutches and bags easy to pack for your destination vacation or brighten up your 9 to 5.

A chic design and rich colors are Kayu’s signature looks, but the ethics behind the brand are even sweeter. Aside from providing jobs and preserving tradition, Kayu donates a portion of every sale to creating economic opportunities for artisans in developing nations.

The results of this combination of chic design and ethical business practices are cute and chic accessories with genuine ethnic roots you can feel great about wearing. They’re definitely a far cry from the mass-produced sweatshop goods that come to mind with Southeast Asia.

November 1, 2014

Dutch Designer Mujjo Brings Refinement to iPhone Cases

By Rosa Matias

In today’s sartorial world it takes a certain type of accessory to set your iPhone apart from the rest. With its subtly modern style, Mujjo has created the perfect sleeve for your iPhone. Using Dutch craftsmanship, Mujjo’s handcrafted iPhone sleeves take your phone to a new level of sophistication and style. Constructed from dark vegetable tanned leathers in black matte and rich tan, the sleeves mold seamlessly to the modern lines and curves of your phone. A suede lining hugs your phone with care, demonstrating how no attention to detail has been spared. Mujjo sleeves create a certain air of understatement and impeccable design substantiated by high-quality precision crafting.

The Mujjo design is meticulous and well thought from seam to seam, with supreme close attention to detail resulting in a product that breathes bespoke sharpness and contemporary lux styling. A Mujjo sleeve captures the essence of modern masculinity, perfectly tailored to your essential gadget’s fit and your bespoke look. And with a satin-like feel that only wears better with time, the Mujjo sleeve becomes as essential to your daily life as your phone itself, carrying bank cards without creating the bulky pant pockets one is accustomed to. Because frankly slim cut isn’t just for your jacket anymore.

October 1, 2014

Daniel Wellington: Anything But Ordinary Timepieces

By Rosa Matias
Like a page out of a book, the story behind watch brand Daniel Wellington, is one just as remarkable and fascinating as the Swedish designed watches themselves.

Regram from Instagram @esxtlles 

Named after British gent, Daniel Wellington; the company owned by Filip Tysander stands to embody everything that Daniel Wellington was known for; class, refinement, and timeless good taste. Tysander desired to create something that could truly capture the essence of Mr. Wellington, from his memorable life stories to his gentlemanly demeanor, and so he created these watches with the idea that Mr. Wellington would wear them himself.

The watches sport an elegant round face with a clean design, reflective of Tysander’s Swedish heritage and so simple they stand out as exceptionally classic timepieces. Super slim at only 6mm thin, the watch lays seamlessly on your wrist. In two different size faces, the unisex watch offers the perfect fit for both men and women with many strap options available.

Regram from Instagram @villelager 

Paying homage to Mr. Wellington, Tysander made sure the watches could stand on NATO straps just as Mr. Wellington preferred. By adding some color to the NATO strap which derives from British military, Daniel Wellington watches give a perfect touch of iconic vintage style to any wrist. The straps are thin, crisp and in a traditional array of preppy colors and patterns, giving the perfect dose of preppy heritage to any outfit. For those looking for an even more classic look, authentic leather straps are also available. So go on and get yourself 1 or 2, we’re sure Mr. Wellington approves.

August 11, 2014

Palethorp: A Cut Above the Rest

By Rosa Matias
Hailing from the southern USA, Brooklyn-based designer Maggie Copeland is injecting the contemporary handbag market with Palethorp, a line of semi-exotic handbags and clutches with a serious dose of sophisticated rebel edge. Her designs have graced the pages of WWD, InStyle, and Lucky to name a few; as well as made their rounds among the blogosphere at That’s Chic, Refinery 29, Saucy Glossie and many more.

Copeland’s keen eye for lush taste derives from a combination of the matriarchal fashion zen she grew up with and her work at labels like L.A.M.B and Foley & Corrina. But it’s the unique snake-skin leathers and fashion-forward silhouettes that take Palethorp to the next level. Buckles, straps, and perfectly saturated colors give Palethorp a distinct look difficult to replicate.

Their latest collection takes the laser-cut trend to new heights. Palethorp uses the laser-cut technique to execute the python look they’re so widely known for on totes, mini bags and clutches. The untainted subtraction leather that results from precision laser-cutting means your belongings give the world outside a little bit of a peep show through the intricately cut python patterns. It’s this same laser-cut technique that’s used on one Palethorp clutch that WWD raved about, so much so that it is sold-out.

After all that’s what happens when you combine leather and lasers; you get a Palethorp clutch that gives your mother’s satin one a run for its money.

June 27, 2014

Men's Fashion Accessories Receive a Much-needed Burst of Newness

Designer Carlos Castillo brings us fashionable men's collar links and cuff links through his brand, Collaterals

At first look, the collection looks like your ordinary everyday cuff links and collar stud links but on much closer inspection, you will find the items to be what the creator Carlos Castillo claims them to be – a perfect union of functionality and luxurious fashion, which any modern man will find hard to resist.

June 3, 2014

La Digue Island - A Jetsetter's Allure

Get your partner and get away to La Digue Island.  
Photo Credit: www.villaveuve.com

Located in the African Ocean, this little slice of heaven forms part of the Seychelles, and remains under the radar as far as popular tourist destinations go. Famous for its beaches, with Anse Source d’Argent as one of the most photographed tropical beaches in the world, La Digue is the best place in the Seychelles to enjoy the local culture. With only 2,000 inhabitants, the villages, La Passe and La Reunion, have changed little over the years. 

May 19, 2014

Beach Essentials For Your Memorial Day Holiday

Make a statement this beach season with accessories from international designers designed to get you turn heads on and off the sand.

Well known by connoisseurs of luxury, Agua Bendita is one of the finest brands in the high-end swimwear market.  The designs of Catalin Álvarez and Mariana Hinestroza have been donned by the likes of Candace Swanepoel, Izabel Goulart, Bar Rafaeli and most recently, Kendall Jenner.

April 20, 2014

Introducing By Boe Jewelry on Artissano

We invite you to discover our exciting new jewelry collection, “By Boe.” Handcrafted by Swedish born designer Annika Inez, this glorious yet understated collection of elegant, fluid and deceptively simple pieces are the perfect accompaniment to this season’s bold colors and patterns.

Handmade in Annika Inez’s studio in Brooklyn, the charming and sophisticated accessories are artistically created merging an exotic fusion of both modern and vintage findings from around the globe.

Each necklace, ring, bracelet and pair of earrings is a miniature work of art. The tiny Bow Knuckle Ring and the matching Chain Bow earrings are destined to become a timeless, endearing girlfriend gift. This is a traditional design icon modernized by an artist with superbly polished taste.

February 18, 2014

Designers in New York - Local Emerging Fashion You Need to Know About

Artissano's mantra is to discover unique and contemporary fashion designers from around the world, and we increasingly find more brands that are designing amazing and standout products right at (our) home in New York.

Here is a selection from our handbag designers that are local to New York.

Based in Brooklyn, Palethorp is a semi-exotic handbag line designed by Maggie Copeland. With a rebellious spirit and an eye for what comes next, Maggie designs bags for the luxury lover looking for fashion and function in one sleek package.
Looking for Function and Fashion?  Check out Palethorp

Clara Kasavina is an accessories line for the woman who wants just a little bit of glitterazzi in her life. New Yorkers are anything but over-the-top (ahem), so this line of gorgeous cuffs, earrings, and handbags adds just that final touch of bedazzle. Dress up even the most mundane work outfit with the Monique.
Clara Kasavina Makes Her Standout Accessories in Long Island City, New York

YOSEF H is an authentic representation of true craftsmanship. Known for creating beautiful python accessories, YOSEF H designs help distinguish people for their own individuality. The collection consists of luxurious exotics combined with refined hardware. Each piece is handcrafted and one-of-a-kind.

Got python?  Yosef H's exquisite skins are sourced from Italy and South America.